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We come from the sectors we serve, granting us an intimate understanding of the distinct challenges and opportunities present in each.

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Federal Civilian (FedCiv)

iCallidus leverages its profound expertise in the Federal Civilian sector, delivering customized solutions meticulously crafted to address the specific challenges and intricacies encountered by government agencies. Our unwavering dedication to digital transformation, legacy modernization, and pioneering technologies guarantees that FedCiv organizations operate efficiently and securely and adhere to evolving regulations. From comprehensive IT modernization to cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies and seamless application enhancements, we remain steadfast in empowering FedCiv agencies with the requisite tools and solutions to confidently accomplish their mission objectives.


Federal Health (FedHealth)

iCallidus stands as a reliable ally for the Federal Health sector, adept at maneuvering through the intricate landscape of Health IT and healthcare. Drawing upon our profound comprehension of healthcare systems, we implement advanced solutions tailored to enrich patient care, enhance data interoperability, and streamline administrative procedures. We empower FedHealth organizations to embrace cutting-edge technologies while maintaining compliance with the latest regulations, thereby ensuring a resilient and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem. Our comprehensive approach spans from legacy system modernization to implementing the Zero Trust framework and deploying cutting-edge health IT solutions, driving innovation and efficiency across the healthcare domain.


Defense & Intelligence (Defense)

iCallidus serves as a strategic partner to the Defense & Intelligence sector, offering unparalleled expertise in tackling the distinctive challenges and demands faced by Defense. Our solutions encompass a broad spectrum, from legacy modernization to advanced analytics and secure advanced wireless communications, guaranteeing that defense agencies stay ahead of the curve in technological innovation. By integrating cutting-edge cybersecurity measures and emerging technologies, we aid Defense in upholding operational superiority, augmenting mission-critical capabilities, and confidently navigating the intricate landscape of defense and intelligence.


State & Local Government

iCallidus is dedicated to propelling digital transformation within State and Local Governments, delivering bespoke solutions catering to public-sector entities' varied requirements. From modernizing legacy systems to developing citizen-centric applications, we enable government agencies to provide services that are efficient, accessible, and transparent. Our emphasis on Cybersecurity, IT modernization, data analytics, and cutting-edge technologies ensures that State and Local Governments can adeptly address evolving challenges while upholding the highest standards of service to their communities, all while maintaining a robust security posture.



iCallidus is a strategic ally committed to spearheading innovation and digital advancement in the rapidly evolving commercial landscape. From revamping legacy systems to integrating cutting-edge technologies such as AI, RPA, and IoT, we empower businesses to maintain a competitive edge. We help commercial entities fortify their cybersecurity initiatives, streamline operations, enrich customer experiences, and foster adaptability in response to dynamic market conditions. Whether it's modernizing applications, deploying cybersecurity measures, or orchestrating comprehensive IT transformations, we are steadfast in equipping commercial organizations with the necessary tools to thrive and ensure security in the digital era.


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