As federal departments and agencies strive to deliver enhanced services, information technology (IT) forms the keystone of every critical operation. Software is at the core of every IT system and to be effective, each component must integrate seamlessly.


iCallidus provides expertise ranging from migration of legacy systems to maintaining or re-engineering your current applications through architectural design and analysis, software engineering, lifecycle management, and enterprise application integration utilizing various software development methodologies anging from CMMi-ML2 processes (Capability Maturity Model) to Agile methodology customized according to the business goals and needs of the customer. At one of our client, iCallidus has successfully been supporting 28 mission-focused applications running on 40+ technologies for over 8+years. They have received numerous accolades on this contract which has been a hallmark of iCallidus’ quality and customer service.



Our Software Engineering Practice focus includes:

Software Development Configuration Management
Systems Integration Project Management
Systems Administration Security
Help Desk Support Database Design, Development and Administrations
Operations and Maintenance Training